Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame

I couldn't be happier for the Paul Butterfield Blues Band's induction into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame!

While I wasn't around to shoot the original band, I did shoot Paul with his Better Days band.

And Michael Bloomfield, a member of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and genius blues guitarist...

And if it weren't enough to have two amazing musicians inducted this year, I also shot Ringo Starr, who will be honored with the Musical Excellence Award!

Congrats to all the 2015 inductees!

Ringo Starr (Musical Excellence Award)
Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Bill Withers
Stevie Ray Vaughn
Lou Reed
Joan Jett
The "5" Royales (Early Influence Award)

The other nominees:
Kraftwerk (I shot them but have yet to find the negs)
The Spinners
The Smiths
Nine Inch Nails
The Marvelettes