Happy Birthday, Michael Bloomfield!

For the very few of you who haven't heard the name Michael Bloomfield, allow me to introduce you.  Genius blues guitarist, sweet guy and prankster.  I was lucky to have been his friend.  Even though I can count our in-person encounters on one hand they were intense (in a good way), deep (in thought and conversation), enlightening and crazy fun.  

When I began putting my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead, Michael managed to prove a story he told me (that I thought was a prank) was actually true.  Yes, it is somewhat of a ghost story.  You'll have to pick up a copy of the book (and actually read it) to find out what happened.

He lured me to his hotel room under the guise that he wanted me to teach him photography. And that's exactly what we did.  Photography, philosophical conversation and a little bit of guitar.  He is one of the few people I have met in my life where we met and almost instantly felt like we had been friends forever.  Here is a picture that we took of ourselves during our first encounter (the early days of selfies).


And below please check out a little bit of music and chit chat from Michael Bloomfield.