Horsing Around

Yesterday's topic was Chuck Berry and today I chose horses. You might think that's a total 180, but you would be wrong. It's actually a perfect segue. When you reach the end of the post (no skipping to the end) I will reveal why they are a perfect fit.

I love horses. Always have. Always will.

These are three of my favorite horse photographs. The two color photographs were shot at the site where the Coachella Music Festival takes place. The black and white photograph was a few miles down the road at the horse show grounds.


The photograph above was used in the short (very shot - 15 sec) film I made. See the film below, made from stills.

I am now revealing the answer to the relationship Chuck Berry has to horses. In 2008, a colt was born in Argentina to Wild Berry (mom from Argentina) and Grand Reward (dad from USA). His great great grandfather was Secretariat. 

Meet Chuck Berry

Tomorrow's post will be coming from another country. See you then.