Selfies - Old School

Now that all-about-me celebrity Kim K has published her coffee table selfies book "Selfish" (how appropriate) I figured I'd share a couple of my own 'old school' selfies.

Yes, selfies have existed ever since the camera (and other devices) were invented. Actually, it probably started in the Stone Age when cave men and women were drawing themselves on the walls of their caves. That was probably the easiest form of creating a selfie, although they may not have been an accurate visual representation.

And selfies before the iPhone and other such devices were invented actually required some level of talent. It's not all that easy to hold a manual camera at yourself and get a picture that's in focus and properly exposed...not to mention capturing the desired composition. More set-up was required. The photos below are selfies I set up and shot. I had to set up the shot (composition), the lighting, focus and exposure. Once that was done, I had to engage the time switch and run back into the frame, looking as natural as possible before the inevitable click.


It's even more fun when there is another person in the photo, especially when they unexpectedly grab your hands at the last second before the click.