Interactive Photography

I took a few photographs today on my walk with Pumpkin. Of course, the first one is a picture of Pumpkin because I get the most audience engagement when I post pictures of her.


And this second photograph (below) is the interactive one. It has something very special about it, that will hopefully have you scratching your head. I'm wondering if anyone will figure it out. It may be quite challenging but I think you will have some fun with it. I'm hoping you will give it a shot. 

When you're ready to give up, or you think you have the answer, please read the instructions below the photograph.

If you think you have it figured out, please Email Me and I will confirm (or not) your answer. I don't want you to put your answer in the comments or on Facebook because it will spoil it for others.
If you are completely stuck on what's special about this photo, you can Email Me and I will send you to a private page on my website where you will see the answer. And that will be a moment of discovery for you and it will be a fun me.

If the auto-email links above don't work for you, email