Into the Archives

For my 6th post this year - yes, we are only 6 days in which means I'm still on my self-promise to write a post every day of 2015 - I wanted to get back to my rock'n'roll roots. Give you some amazing photograph of a rock star I shot. Something that has never been seen. Unveiled here for the very first time. Are you excited yet?

I thought it would also be fun to have someone else fish into one of my big manilla envelopes, and without looking, pull out a sheet of negatives. I called on my friend and she did just that. I must admit, when she pulled out the sheet and I saw the title, I was disappointed. It wasn't Elton John or Van Morrison or Pink Floyd. It was something else I shot for one of my record company clients that I may have done a total of four times. What are the odds of one of those popping out?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I also scanned the outside of the page so you'd be in on it from the start.


For a few seconds after I saw the title I was tempted to say, "Pull out another one." Thinking, if I use something off this set of negatives it's going to be boring, crappy, stupid, uncreative, lousy photograph. Then I thought, if I do that I will be a liar. Note: I dislike liars almost as much as people who hurt children or animals. 

So here I am, sticking with the plans, pulling out the negs and putting them in the scanner to make a contact sheet. Then I looked through the contact sheets (there were six strips and the scanner can do four at a time) praying for something that was somewhat interesting. Just one frame, please.

In my estimation, the first frame was pretty awesome but I set that one aside for a moment because it was that first frame that's snapped off in order to get to a clean frame of film. And then a couple of strips over I found this frame that I really liked.

Before I add that photograph into this post I will tell you what this job entailed. The "RCA" was the record company I was shooting for. "Denver" is John Denver, another reason I didn't want to use it because he was in my first post of the year. And "Windows" was the job. Yes, I was shooting the windows and inside a record store (remember those?) of John Denver's album displays that were installed because he was going to be playing in Vancouver and receiving a Canadian Gold (maybe it was Platinum) record backstage after the concert.

This is one of the window display shots that I did. The one I really like. I trust you will figure out why I like so much, so I won't go into it here - going back to that "a picture is worth..." thing.


And here's the opening frame to the roll. 

Denver Window83_37.jpg

Thanks for stopping by...and I hope your year is going as well as mine.