John Mayall

Celebrating John's 82nd birthday today! And he's still rockin', or should I say bluesin'. 

I've shot John on many occasions. Most recently was in NY at Iridium a couple of years ago (you can find it on my Facebook page in the photos) and before that I shot this photo at the Topanga Memorial Day Festival in 2011.


I also shot him at the Starwood back in the day (I need to scan some of those) and at his house when I was working with him on his section of Starart. This is the portrait we put in the book.


A couple of months after Starart was finished printing, John's Laurel Canyon home burned to the ground. He lost everything. Thankfully we had preserved many of his art pieces in the book.

John is still playing all over the world - check out his tour this Spring on his website - and I know I'll be checking him out (and hopefully shooting) in March at City Winery in NYC. Seeing a John Mayall concert should definitely be on your bucket list!


Check out John's art in Starart.