Thanks For The Hits

What's the world coming to? Day after day, literally, I am writing blog posts and sharing my photographic exploits, getting some visitors, a few likes and comments on Facebook, maybe a couple of hundred 'reaches' on FB that don't help my stats on my blog - nothing that's going to get Simon and Schuster knocking on my door.

Then yesterday I put up a little social experiment - comparing the package size of two musician performers one I photographed and other was a selfie - and it went through the roof (in comparison to other posts on here). The reach on Facebook (just my photography page < please like it now) is currently over 700 and the visits to that post on this blog is over 200. 

What did I learn from this social experiment? If I want to have a big audience I need to be controversial and take more pictures of dudes in tight pants. Maybe I'll try some nudes (tasteful, of course). Looking for volunteers.

In the meantime, here's a photo I took of a couple of other dudes hanging is very naked.