HB, Frank!

I am super-celebrating Frank's birthday because I just can't imagine what this world would be like if he hadn't been born. And then I think about how much better this world would be if he was here to celebrate his 75th birthday with us. Alas, this birthday is bittersweet.


12/21/40 - 12/4/93

I just found the most appropriate video for Frank's birthday as he is practically in his birthday suit. Closer yet, is drummer Terry Bozzio, especially when you get to the sequence starting at the 2:37 mark. I would just like to say "You're welcome" to my female readers. This performance is from Zappa's film Baby Snakes. Don't tell Gail that the film is posted on Vimeo where you can see it for free - https://vimeo.com/52501310 - Happy Birthday to Frank and Happy Birthday to you.


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