The Hues Corporation

Remember Rock The Boat?

When I was working on Everybody I Shot Is Dead I went through all the photographs I still had (yes, many of them have gone missing) of musicians and researched them to see who we'd lost because I wanted to honor them and do my part to keep them and there music alive. I'm pretty sure I would have looked up The Hues Corporation and found no death announcements.

Recently, when I was archiving more of my music photographs, I scanned a bunch of The Hues. And then I looked them up again. I found the St. Clair Lee (the guy on the right) had passed away on March 8, 2011, after my book came out. I also found out Fleming Williams (potentially the guy in the middle) passed away February 15, 1998, long before I did the book. Somehow I missed him. While re-researching this today I found out that he was the original singer on Rock The Boat but left the band right after the album that the song was originally on was released. And since the song didn't hit for a long time and was ultimately re-released on the next album when it began climbing the charts. And at some point Fleming Williams was replaced by Tommy Brown, also dead.

In further research, an interview with St. Clair puts Fleming back in the band after their first tour before Rock The Boat was a hit so I'm guessing that this photograph includes Fleming Williams, and that he should have been in my book. I've looked through all the photos of Fleming and his look has changed massively so I could be wrong. I would be happy to have anyone who can identify him weigh in and let me know. I'm pretty sure my photo and the video have the same three represented. The female singer is Hubert Ann Kelley and she is the only surviving member of the band.

I am posting this today in remembrance of Fleming Williams ( 12/26/43 - 2/15/98), a day late as yesterday was also the day Michael Bloomfield passed.