Blind Pick #1

Sometimes I have no idea what to post on here. Or I run out of ideas. Or I am too tired to come up with ideas. That's when I do a Blind Pick.

Currently, my slides and negs are in a state of disarray. The are in negative and slide sheets, all mixed up in manila envelopes. And for some, not identified. Anyway, this evening I decided to blindly reach into an envelope and pull out a slide. No idea what it was going to be.

Thankfully, it was web appropriate. However, it is a personal photograph. Not something I would normally post. Not my best photo but sometimes content (especially vintage) trumps photographic quality. Oh well, here we go.


On the left, is Michael Georgiades. I met him backstage at a Linda Ronstadt concert. He had a band with former Eagle, Bernie Leadon and they had just released their album, Natural Progressions (it's really good and you should buy it). They were the opener for Ronstadt. Michael and I became good friends, and while he didn't leave the top of his mountain very often, one night I got him to come over for dinner.

At this point, I was working on my first book, Starart, and staying in the basement of Klaus Voormann's house. Yes. that is Klaus on the right. Musician and artist extraordinaire. If you don't know him, please click his name to learn more.

I took this photograph after dinner when they decided to have a little after dinner jam in Klaus's work area. I'm thinking this was the first time that Michael met Klaus. Eventually, Klaus and some other great players ended up recording a bunch of demos at the studio Michael built at his house on the mountain. I'm thankful that I had a small part in facilitating that. And now I need to find out if any of that music is still around.

Stay tuned for more blind picks in the future.