Baseball - Photography Tip #9

I used to shoot a lot of baseball. Little league, high school, college, and occasionally the majors. I prided myself in catching the ball in the frame, especially a major league fastball. It's not all that easy to do.

I like this shot because it has a frozen-in-time feeling. And it tells a story. A story that keeps the viewer guessing 'what happens next?'. Without the ball in the photo, it would be a story of anticipating the arrival of the ball. But with the ball in the frame the viewer sees the story of three grown men staring at the ball, engaging the viewer to wonder wonder what happened. Did the batter lay down a perfect bunt or did he whiff? Then there's the photographers in the background. Most of them are focused toward the field. Classic.


My photography tip is, when you are shooting any kind of movement you need to anticipate what is going to move, how it's going to move, and most importantly, when it's going to move. That means you have to anticipate when the ball is going to be released, plus decide where you want the ball to be frozen in your frame. How do you do that? Anticipation and practice.