Name The Rock Star

New game we are going to be playing. I'm posting a photograph of a musician and you get to guess who it is. Once someone gets it I will identify the musician on here and throw a video of one of his songs. Please use the comments section on the blog, not Facebook or other social media.

I just found this photograph - not sure if I've even looked at it before today. I really love this photo. It makes me want to throw away my digital cameras and go back to slide and negative film.


The rock star has been identified. This is Burton Cummings of the Guess Who. I thought some of you clever people would have figured it out from the clue I dropped in the first paragraph, " get to guess who it is..." but I guess who not. And I'm not sure how many Americans are familiar with Burton Cummings or The Guess Who for that matter since they are a Canadian band. I am sure most of you have heard of this song and a bunch of other worldwide hits they had.