Santa Monica Pier

Writing a blog every single day is awesome on one hand and troublesome on the other. Today is one of the troublesome days. These are the day's where I have no idea what to put up and very little time available to come up with something. This is when I scroll through my photo editing program that holds what I've managed to archive so far. It currently holds 36,943 images.

And on many occasions I find nothing. That's when I have to go into the unarchived slides and negatives, then scan something as I did in the last two blog entries. (Side Bar: I'm really disappointed that no one identified the musician in "Name The Rock Star". One person tried and was wrong. Come on people.) When I don't find anything in the archive, it's not because the images are crap. It's just that on any given day none of the images spark me as a blog post - the written part. 

Sometimes I gravitate to a folder and have no idea why. That would be what happened today and has resulted in what I'm writing at this moment. Even though when I chose this set of photos, I had no plan of writing about how I go about writing a post. The actual writing of this post started with the text in the following paragraph. You have now had a visit into my brain.

I took these photos several years ago. I was experimenting with night photography using a combo of long exposure and strobe. It was eye-opening for me as usually shoot with available light.

I now want to revisit this technique.