Being You

Last week I did a creative portraiture session with Tim McDonald. We met in New York a few weeks ago but decided to do his shoot in Los Angeles, since we were both going to be here on April Fool's Day. Unlike most of my subjects (actors, musicians, etc), Tim is a social media guru. That's fine with me - I take pictures of people, not their job. He's different. Unexpected. And happy to be Tim. Thankfully. 

When we met up we had no idea what we were going to do. Other than hopefully taking a few photographs that he would be able to use to represent him in the world. This is the way I work. And working this way, I am always surprised. Tim's joy of being who he is led to a really fun and creative shoot. 

Amongst all the photographs we shot at 5+ locations (btw, he was especially pleased with my personal tour guide talents) I think this might be my favorite. We happened upon this wall when we stopped at the Farmer's Market for a bite and I immediately knew I had to shoot him in front of it. Tim was this wall and this wall was Tim. When I showed him the first shot on the back of the camera, he was inspired to mimic the chef for the next shot. This is who Tim McDonald is - he is colorful inside and out - and he's not afraid to show it.


Somewhere in between this bit of fun and other shenanigans, we also captured some great chill 'headshots' (how can you be tense when you're having fun?) that he can use on his own sites. Hmmm, I wouldn't be surprised if he uses this one as his signature shot. Thanks for the fun times, Tim!

I would love to shoot you if you are willing to be you. Let me if you want to go out and play while we just happen to get some great shots of you.

Tim is involved with, and a huge supporter of No Kid Hungry. As a matter of fact, he has stopped using his own social media until he raises $10,000 for the cause. It's a social media experiment to see if people will promote his goal by sharing his one initial post instead of him repetitively posting it on his social media. He said he will stick to his guns no matter how long it takes. Please help me get Tim back online by clicking the logo below to donate. No amount is too small to help feed a hungry child in America.