A funny thing happened on the way to the Lobster photograph. I had actually picked this picture for yesterday's blog...you know, going with a photo taken on the same date in a previous year. I got all the way through writing the post and putting in the photograph, and was about to hit the Save and Publish button when I realized this photograph was taken on March 7, 2013 not April 7 (is a brain transplant out of the question?). I even went on to state that it was raining in LA and was also raining in NY on the same day two years ago. False.

So here's the raining photo I initially and mistakenly chose for for yesterday...deciding to post today (with a text edit). Another new way to pick blog posts.

I called it Lobster...obviously.


When I look at photographs I shot in the past, I always wonder where the people are today. What if they saw this picture? Would they remember this day? Where they were going? How have their lives changed in the past two years?

Do you wonder things like this when you look at photographs? Or am I just weird.