Rory Gallagher

The reason I created my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead, was for musicians like Rory Gallagher. I don't think musicians of today are learning from the many greats that became before them. Rory is one of those greats.

I did the book, and I post something about them on every birthday and death day, in hopes the someone will check them out. It's important to take a few minutes and watch them play live (possibly the best thing about the internet).

So today I am remembering the late great Rory Gallagher. If you don't know him, now is the time to fully check him out. And maybe then you will share this with a friend. And check out other music by Rory Gallagher. He really is one of the best.


3/2/48 - 6/14/95

Here's a taste...and then there is this full documentary of Rory's 1974 Irish Tour when you have one and a half hours to be impressed.


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