Wreck Beach

Years and years ago I was shooting a musician in Vancouver. He picked me up and immediately said we should go to Wreck Beach. I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped into my lap. Not only was I very young at that time, I was also very self conscious and pretty much a prude. Oh, did I mention Wreck Beach is a clothing optional beach? In an effort to not look stupid so I think I may have said "Sure." On the inside I was freaking out. Why did he want to go to a naked beach? Eeww. Was he going to want me to shoot him naked? Is he expecting me to take my clothes off? How am I going to get out of this? I hadn't taken my clothes off in public since I was five years old.

The shoot was pretty awkward to begin with...well, at least for me. I first pointed my camera out to sea where I managed to take a shot of a woman who was dressed. Phew!


Then I saw a dude drying himself. He had his back to me, so the voyeur I had in me grabbed a few shots of him. I remember him being really old but now that I look at this photograph he was younger than I remembered him. I really dug that he put his boots on first.


Then it came down to facing the shoot I was hired to do. I told him I couldn't take my clothes off (more likely I made up some lie why I couldn't so I wouldn't look like a prude), and if he wanted me to shoot him naked it would have to be discreet. So I shot this...


And then there was that shot that ended up on the back cover of a national music magazine in Canada. I'm not sure where the original original slide is but here's the not-so-great-reproduction of the original...but I think I caught a great shot and it's pretty discreet. 


Truth be told, he was really cool about it and made me really comfortable and it turned out to be a really great shoot for both of us. 

And to all the people seeing/reading this that appreciate looking at hot guys, "You're welcome."