Woman Pumpkin Dog

I spent a bunch of time tonight looking for a photograph to post. I was close to posting some graveyard shots (I love graveyards) I took around this time a couple of years ago in Southampton, but then I wasn't feeling it. I then fell into my 'go-to shots', the ones I go to when I am uninspired for anything else. My go-to shots are Pumpkin.

I almost picked a close-up action shot of Pumpkin but then I saw this one...

...which I hadn't paid much attention to when I initially perused the 166 frames I took frolicking at Huntington Beach last November with my Brit friend, Caroline Ferguson. It was a freakishly (because it happened to be 90°) amazing day. 

I love everything about this photograph - from the composition to the lines, the action, the layers of waves, the three live beings and the color...especially the woman's red bathing suit and matching red dog toy. Plus you might not be able to Pumpkin's red collar but it would show beautifully in a large physical print.

This picture also jazzes me up even more, as I anticipate being at this very beach next Wednesday celebrating Pumpkin's birthday!