The Depth of Purple

I had a tough time finding anything I felt like posting today. Nothing hit me. I tried file numbers for today's date. Meh. Several folders in my photo archives. I liked a bunch of Mickey Hart shots from a festival in '07 but then I realized tomorrow is his birthday so I will wait until tomorrow. (Yay! I don't have to come up with anything tomorrow).

So I made a decision on one of three photographs of I shot of Deep Purple at the Long Beach Arena. If you've read my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead, you'd know about my fun times at the Riot House where I met the roadies from Deep Purple. On my birthday they took me sailing and several days later they talked me in to going to the show. I mostly hung out by the sound board and seriously only took three shots of Deep Purple and on of ELO...who opened for DP.


So, this is my contribution to #tbt.