Old School

I didn't have anything for today. Surprise, surprise...other than the musician birthdays and deathdays I never have anything planned. So, I opened a couple of large manila envelopes that are temporarily holding sheets of slides and black and white negatives. I found a half of a contact sheet and the negs to go with it.

In the color batch I found a bunch more Blue Oyster Cult slides. And the neg sleeve was titled Parks and labeled FEB '77. I immediately had this thought - can someone lend me a year so I can properly archive all of my early works?

I don't know if I remember shooting the parks negs or I just think that after looking at them. Out of the 18 frames there might be six that I would consider printing. However, those decisions can change from year to year or even day to day.

Anyway, I chose this one because the juxtaposition of the foreground couple and the background couple. And the composition. I like that the tree shadow takes your eye from the couple in front directly to the older folks on the bench. I also wonder who the front couple are and what became of them. I expect the trio on the bench have moved on.


This was shot in the park across from the Beverly Hills Hotel. The same park where a certain pop star was arrested in the restroom for lewd behavior.

Carry on.