From the West Coast shores, I've photographically traveled to Manhattan to share some experimental shots with a 16mm lens that was loaned to me by my friend and fellow-photographer Dwayne. Oh, and he also loaned me his D800 for me to take a test run beforer I bought one for myself. 


I think I was shooting this while I was crossing the street. Like all street photography you need to grab shots as you walk by in order to maintain an authenticity with any people that are intentionally in the frame or just happened to be in the frame. In this case, it was the woman leaning against the building. She initially was the reason I wanted to take the picture and I had very little time to capture her maintaining her expression, which I love.

Here's an inset blowup of the girl to show how her face and body language tells her story. I was very happy with what she brings to the photograph.