Rear Window

I should shut up right now. Before I expose myself.

Too late.

It is a fact that I am curious, or maybe I should say fascinated by people - what makes them tick and how they feel. I am not interested in voyeurism as it is defined in some/most dictionaries but I do love to see how other people live. I like to see inside their homes to see how they live. Creepy, right? But I know that I'm not the only one. There may be a few people that are too busy watching themselves instead of being curious about other people. And I don't spy on them but if the drapes are open I'm looking in.

And very occasionally I will take a photograph in that vein. Here are two that I shot three years ago today in Brooklyn, NY.

This one is pretty tame...


This one is way more Rear Window...


Now you know my dirty little secret. How about you look in people's windows?