My Latest Photoshoot

We (me, Pumpkin and Kimberly) were out shooting Kimberly's session all day Saturday. We started around 10:45am with the clothes picking and then headed out for destinations unknown. It was one adventure after another plus plenty of surprises. Fun and unexpected turns ruled the day and night.

I thought this photograph (a personal shot) was the last of the day since it was around 10pm...


...until we went back to where we began and I did a few more shots there. Then we decided to get food - it was midnight by that time - yup, more photos there. Then we ended up at the North Hollywood subway station, as an afterthought. I think we parted ways around 2am. Longest photoshoot I've done. And still editing. 

If you are you need new photographs of yourself and looking for an new experience check out my Creative Portraiture page. I can only shoot three people per week. I will be shooting in Los Angeles for a few more weeks and have openings, then I'll be available for sessions in New York for a couple of months.

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