Jack of the Red Hearts @ YouTube

First off, I had no idea that there is a place called YouTube Space LA. It's cool. 

They hosted an event this evening there for Jack of the Red Hearts, the movie that I shot some of the stills for (pardon my poor writing skills...it's late). It was also an event for the Bentonville Film Festival which was co-founded by Geena Davis to further her the work she does at her Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Jack of the Red Hearts won the Grand Jury Prize at last year's inaugural BFF, which included a theatrical release with AMC Theaters and a television deal with Lifetime!

When I walked into the YouTube Space LA, I was thrilled to see a huge lightbox above the reception counter with the photograph I shot...

The second thrill was watching the movie. I was only onset for the first four or five days of the production so even though I had read the awesome script written by Jennifer Deaton, I had no idea how the film would turn out. Well, it turned out great - it's touching, thoughtful and funny. The acting was great all around and Taylor Richardson was particularly amazing, playing the difficult role of Glory, a young autistic child.

My next thrill after the screening when all these film industry heavy hitters took to the stage and sat under the photograph that I shot for the panel discussion. Yes, I took a photo of that too so I could introduce you to them.

From L to R: Actress Geena Davis (Oscar® Winner for The Accidental Tourist), screenwriter Phyllis Nagy (Oscar® Nominated this year for Carol), director/screenwriter Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen and Twilight), the Executive at Lifetime (sorry I didn't catch her name), screenwriter Jennifer Deaton (JOTRH), producer Lucy Mukerjee-Brown (JOTRH), actress Famke Janssen (JOTRH), director Janet Grillo (JOTRH) and moderator Sharon Waxman (CEO of The Wrap). And my photograph of Taylor Richardson above them.

Then there was my fourth thrill - is it even possible to have four thrills in one evening? - watching the people sitting in the rows in front of me shooting there own photographs of the panel and including the photograph I shot in their frames.

Jack of the Red Hearts is screening at several AMC Theaters across the United States beginning tomorrow, Friday February 26th. Please go out and see it this weekend to support this wonderful independent film so it doesn't close on March 3rd. I'll be going to the 6:15pm show tomorrow night at the AMC Burbank with the screenwriter, Jennifer Deaton and her lovely wife Erika...and I do believe there is going to be a Q&A after the screening. If you're in the LA area please join us!