Piano In Union Square

I shot this three years and a few days ago. This is Union Square in early April. I've been here five days and have worn my winter coat every day. Today it's been in the forties. 

About this photograph...I'm always wondered how the piano gets there.

Mystery instantly solved thanks to Google. Meet Colin Huggins aka 'the real piano man' or 'the piano guy'. He used to push this piano around New York and even played in the subways. I apparently saw his other piano last summer when I met up with a creative portraiture client at Washington Square Park...I say apparently because he wasn't there but I've just read that he know uses a grand piano. When I saw it Colin wasn't around. Maybe on a coffee break.


This is not Colin Huggins, although the empty grand piano I saw in Washington Square surely belonged to him.

If you'd like to learn about COLIN HUGGINS click his name, and you'll realize why I thought this was him and then pieced the evidence to get to the truth.

Not to mention I found this video of my guy credited it to Colin and Colin commented, "hahahahaha, that's not me."

I remember him playing much better than this.