Lower East Side - Photography Tip

I took this photograph two days ago, when I was reshooting the Houston St shots three years apart.

After snapping that one, I turned toward my friend who was holding my pup, Pumpkin. I loved everything I saw - my friend's body language leaning over toward Pumpkin, her blonde hair and black clothing, the placement of her boots and the three straps sticking out, Pumpkin's expression and body language with her white heart on her chest, wondering what Pumpkin's looking at, the sidewalk, the wet gutter, its reflections, the manhole cover, the sidewalk to the left, the posts, the construction walls, the NYC construction sign...and "BILLS". 

That may be a long list but that's everything I notice when I'm taking a picture. It's the details in a photograph that draw the viewer in and create a story for them to relate with the image. 

I took this from across the street and neither of them knew I was taking this photograph. I was lucky to catch Pumpkin concerned with something across the other street so she wasn't looking at me. It would be a totally different photograph if she was looking at me - and in my humble opinion it would not be as interesting.