Harlem EatUp!

I spent four hours at the Harlem EatUp! today. I love food. This was my first time there. My invite was akin to a backstage pass which allowed me to be in the eat-as-much-as-you-want area. I thought it only fair that I take a few photos of what I ate. I will also tell you how many tastes I had which will reveal the ones I loved the most. Everything was good. Some just not my taste.

Out of the gate, I had lamb on some kind of delicious sauce with a scalloped potato, from Settepani. Yum! After tasting many dishes, I went back to this and they didn't have anything let. :(

Ethiopian cuisine from Zoma. I have no idea what I ate but it was tasty. Crispy shell and a stuffing that I think had a bean base. Lots of flavor.

From Row House Harlem, a delicious appetizer of heirloom tomatoes etc on French bread. Delicious. Couldn't find it on their menu but I bet all their food is yummy. Even those dabs of something on the side were great. Yes, I snuck back for seconds before I left.

I asked the blonde and the dude behind her on the right to step in for a few second. They said "NO!" because I don't have a Citibank account or credit card. I was already in the 'exclusive' part of this shindig but they were fine to discriminate based on where I bank. I thought that was a bass-ackwards way to do it. They already have all those clients...shouldn't they let me in and treat me so nice that I want to be a customer. Since they snubbed me and probably a bunch of other people, you won't see me doing business with them anytime soon.

This was made by Barilla. They don't even have a restaurant but this dish was delicious. I had three helpings of this dish. Oink!

Harlem Shake, not to be confused with Shake Shack. The dish depicted was something white and fluffy topped with deep-fried fish...like fish'n'chips. They also had a fried chicken slider. I had one of each. I like the fish best, the chicken would have been better for me if it was the breast. Their menu looks great...I don't see the fish on it but they have a lot of other meals that I could gobble up.

Spoonbread Too was offering up catfish and cornbread. That might have been my first taste of catfish, which I liked, and cornbread is one of my faves. They didn't disappoint. I would have gone back for more but they had a line. And I was getting full.

From the kitchen of Charles Gabriel's restaurant, Charles' Fried Pan Chicken, they were handing out fried chicken, collard greens, yams and, my favorite, mac and cheese. The crisp on the chicken was amazing, again, they were giving out small bits so it wasn't breast meat. I'll definitely go to the restaurant for a fried chicken breast when I have a craving. Here's the Yelp link.

The Harlem Chocolate Factory fed me a new addiction. They don't have a brick and mortar yet but you can get these...uh oh, their order page on the website is 'down for maintenance'. I don't see this particular yummiest thing that made me go back to the table and scarf at least three. There was the delicious crust cup with chocolate inside and awesome whipped cream with a tad of whiskey in it. These little devils were like eating the best chocolate pudding from my childhood memory with the bliss of whiskey for the grown up part of me. OMG...find them and eat them.

There were other stands that I didn't get to because as the time went on the lines got long...such as the Icelandic Fish place and a bunch inside of the tent which had hordes of people to get through...well, not that bad but I like space.

So, if you're not doing anything tomorrow, the Harlem EatUp! is still on. You can get tickets HERE. Get there early (12:30pm) and don't forget to take your appetite.  Eat! Eat! Eat!

Or else help support the local Harlem restaurants which is also a way to support the community!