Missing Pete Ham

I can only only imagine the brilliant songs Pete Ham and Tom Evans would have written had this tragedy not fallen upon them. It breaks my heart.


4/27/47 - 4/23/79

This song, released in 1970, is epic and has been covered by multiple singers... 


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I love this photograph I took of musician, Adrianna Mateo. This part of our session was only a few minutes. It was not planned. She really let go on our shoot and the results were well worth it. We started around 11am and this part ended around 6:30 because she had a gig. After the gig, she met up with me around 1am and shot for another good hour.

My creative portrait sessions are so much fun and full of surprises for me and my subject.

Thanks for this memory, Adrianna!


Here's the antithesis of the photograph...but also as beautiful...



My website was down yesterday evening through the night. Ugh. So, here is yesterday's post.

I am neck-deep in creating my Kickstarter campaign page - I was up until 3am this morning and back at it at 9am. I thought it would be easier the second time around. Apparently not. This photograph of Stephen the Juggler represents the many feelings I'm presently going through on so many levels. Even my expression mirrors his.

I'm trying not to drop the balls as I criss-cross through the elements required to create a successful and fun campaign. My goal is to build an interactive community to join me on my upcoming creative adventure.

Horses (Movie)

I've been editing every waking moment for the past two days. There was a lot of photo editing and having to hear myself speak etc. I think the Kickstarter video is done...finally...hopefully the unbiased friend that's checking it out won't have too many notes (crossing fingers).

In the meantime, I don't want to look for any photographs to post so you're getting my 13-second film that needs some views on youtube. It was made with still photographs and a bunch of sound design and music, etc that I added on.


One of my favorites. This is what you might call a walk-by shooting. My eye got this little girl from another time while I was walking through a NY subway station. I had my camera dangling from my right shoulder. Since I couldn't stop and point my camera at her (well, I could have but I didn't want to miss my shot or stop) so without bringing the camera to my eye, I just hit the shutter button in hopes of catching the shot. When I opened the file I couldn't see much as it was under exposed, but I was able to bring the image up with an exposure adjustment.

I caught this three years ago...as with all the people I shoot anonymously, I wonder who they are, where they are, and if they'll ever come across a photograph I've taken of them.