Ace Backstage002.jpg

A backstage pic of Ace in Vancouver. They were riding their mega hit "How Long?" which was mistakenly considered an iconic love/breakup song. I was let in on the actual meaning of the song when I invited to breakfast with the band the following day. It was actually about the band itself.

For the past couple of hours I've been doing my best to correctly identify the band members with their image. It has been a difficult task. Far right is Alan "Bam" King (lead guitar, vocals) and to his left is Paul Carrack (keyboard, vocals) who wrote and sang "How Long?". He went on to play with Mike Rutherford from Genesis in his band, Mike + The Mechanics. Which reminds me that I should be looking for my Genesis photos that are buried somewhere in my archives.

I finally found one of the guitarists on Facebook. I friend requested him so we'll see what happens with that and hopefully I'll be able to properly label the photo. The other band members at this time were Terry "Tex" Comer (bass), Fran Byrne (drums), Phil Harris (guitar, vocals). 

Here's a couple of versions of How Long? The first is from around the time I shot them and the second is recent from a performance by Paul Carrack with Eric Clapton.