I was out of ideas today so I put a request to my Facebook friends for a 4-digit number that may have meaning to them with the idea that I would pick a photograph with that file number and see if the photograph actually does have meaning to that person. Yes, we're going psychic.

There were 2 responses almost immediately (thanks for that) and decided to do both and show two photographs for each number. Playing with twos here for added meaning. The odd thing is that both people are in Sydney, Australia. There's something cosmic right there.

The first response was from Que who I only know virtually through our screenwriting workshop with Max Adams. (shameless plug: If you're an up and coming writer take her classes.) Here are Que's photographs for file numbers 1979.

Production still from the short film  Ship of Fools

Production still from the short film Ship of Fools


The second number came in from John, who I know too well. He's is my older brother. I'm pretty sure both of the photographs with file number 0929 will have some meaning to John.

Paul Kantner

Paul Kantner


I'm asking Que and John to let me know if their random photograph picks are somehow related to them. By tomorrow I may be know as the psychic photographer and I can turn it into a prosperous venture.