HB Michael Georgiades

The Happiest of Birthdays to MG. I love, love, love this guy. This photograph is from the first time I shot him when The Bernie Leadon Michael Georgiades Band were touring with Linda Ronstadt. I met him after their set and we became friends. And still are. I'm talking to him on the phone right now.


Couldn't find any live performance videos but here he is singing...


If you own a copy of STARART, check out the last thank you I gave in the back of the book ;).

Bernie Leadon

Happy (belated) Birthday to Bernie Leadon! He was my 4 of 4 celebrating July 19th birthdays but I wanted to give a day to each of them. Maybe next year I'll pile them all on the actual date.

I had the privilege to shoot Bernie two times with the Eagles and once with the Leadon Georgiades Band. 

Bernie Leadon and Michael Georgiades

Bernie Leadon and Michael Georgiades


Here's a shot of Bernie playing with the Eagles.


I picked this video because the song because the song, Train Leaves Here This Morning, was written by Bernie Leadon and Gene Clark when they were both in the band Dillard and Clark. It was recorded by the Eagles on their debut Eagles album. And also because Bernie is singing and this video was from a 2013 Vancouver concert, the same city where I shot the black and white photograph above. I would have liked to feature a song from The Bernie Leadon Michael Georgiades Band but there are no live performances from them. Still worth hearing listening to them.