Don't Miss Him

I am so bummed that I wasn't at John Mayall's New York shows at The City Winery last night and tonight. I was supposed to be there and looking forward to taking pictures of him again. Every time I've seen him live he was amazing.

Check out the rest of his tour and if you're anywhere near where he's playing, GO AND SEE HIM! And tell him I say Hi! He's one of the great bluesmen. And responsible for the success of so many famous musicians. He may have turned 82 last December but when he's on stage he's rockin' closer to 30.

I shot this one a few years back at the Topanga festival...

Oh, and did I forget to mention he's one of the six artists in my first book, Starart? I took this photograph when we were working on the book. Great musician, great artist and we are so lucky he's not retiring any time soon.

You can own a signed print of Joni's Favorite, by John Mayall, and a copy of Starart where you will see 36 pages of John's work. All of his artwork was destroyed when his Laurel Canyon house was burned to the ground just a few months before the book came out.

John Mayall

Celebrating John's 82nd birthday today! And he's still rockin', or should I say bluesin'. 

I've shot John on many occasions. Most recently was in NY at Iridium a couple of years ago (you can find it on my Facebook page in the photos) and before that I shot this photo at the Topanga Memorial Day Festival in 2011.


I also shot him at the Starwood back in the day (I need to scan some of those) and at his house when I was working with him on his section of Starart. This is the portrait we put in the book.


A couple of months after Starart was finished printing, John's Laurel Canyon home burned to the ground. He lost everything. Thankfully we had preserved many of his art pieces in the book.

John is still playing all over the world - check out his tour this Spring on his website - and I know I'll be checking him out (and hopefully shooting) in March at City Winery in NYC. Seeing a John Mayall concert should definitely be on your bucket list!


Check out John's art in Starart.

Two Birthdays

Celebrating two amazing musicians today. Albert Collins and Donny Hathaway.


10/1/32 - 11/24/93

Albert Collins was a masterful entertainer. If you don't like this video you must not be breathing...


Then there is Donny Hathaway...a singer who can't be matched.


10/1/45 - 1/13/79

There is very little live footage of Donny Hathaway. So glad I found this...

Albert Collins and Donny Hathaway are both in Everybody I Shot Is DeadPick up your copy today.

John Lee Hooker

Today in 2001 we lost one of the greatest blues men to ever grace this planet. He was also one of my favorite people to shoot. He was humble and so sweet. This photograph was taken as he was leaving the club. I was gobsmacked when he threw me this kiss. I am so happy that I caught it.


8/22/20 - 6/21/01

I just found this amazing video of JLH that has less than 16K views. This is a must-see treasure...


See a ton more photos of John Lee Hooker in my book,
Everybody I Shot Is Dead.


Michael Bloomfield

I wish people couldn't die. We lost the best white blues guitarist, bar none (sorry Eric), thirty-four years ago. I so wish he was still here.

The story of my crazy but sweet encounters with Michael Bloomfield is laid out in my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead (< click to order) along with my photographs and some taken by Michael. It even has an irrefutable ghost story that will send chills up your spine.

Did you know that Bloomfield ate fire? I believe this is the only color photograph of him eating fire. The only other shot I've seen was an old black and white of him doing it in a living room, maybe his parents house.


6/28/43 - 2/15/81

Instead of posting a video of him playing, I want you to get a glimpse into his personality and passion. And you get some Son House as a bonus and a bit of Butterfield to boot. I hope you enjoy!