Michael Bloomfield's Birthday!

Today was the day, now it is night. I drove down to Huntington Beach today to see my chiropractor - apparently I haven't been there for a year and a half. How is that even possible? I also took Pumpkin to the beach as it was her birthday last Tuesday. Anyway, my point being, was on my way to and from Huntington Beach I passed the location where Michael is buried and I wished him a Happy Birthday. (Not that I believe in a million years that his spirit or energy is hanging around the mausoleum.) If he's anywhere, he's gotta be playing the blues with B.B. King.

This is the only color photograph of Michael eating fire. The black and white one is in the book, Michael Bloomfield - If You Love These Blue: An Oral History, and as I recall it was in a living room.


7/28/43 - 2/15/81

My favorite video clip of MB - it's from the documentary film Festival! - Newport Folk FestivalIt really shows his personality and his praise for others instead of himself. There's also a bit of him playing with Paul Butterfield at the end.


Michael Bloomfield's section in Everybody I Shot Is Dead includes photographs of him and ones that he took with my camera and the story is personal and includes a real life ghost stories - no kidding. For this week only, in celebration of Michael's birthday, you can purchase the book for 50% off. Just use the discount code MB50%BOOK here. Or purchase a print for 20% off with the discount code MB20%PRINT here and I will send you the book for free. Put the discount code in when you check out.

March Madness

This is my rock'n'roll version of March Madness...as in I've gone mad.

I'm making a move at the end of the month and I have a few boxes of Everybody I Shot Is Dead books here. I want to find them new homes. Where they will be opened, viewed and read. Set out on a coffee table.

So I looked on Amazon I saw that they are charging $42.13 from the retail price of $60. They only pay me $27. Sometimes I wonder if they don't pay me at all. I charge $50 on my website because I believe that is a good deal for the content.

Despite what I think the book worth, my madness has decided to charge $25 per book for the month of March.

That's 50% off what I charge and $2 less than what Amazon pays me. Probably $3.50 plus counting the card processing fee.

If you don't have my book, buy it now. If you do have my book, buy it as a gift for a friend. Buy a couple. Spread this deal to your friends.


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In keeping with the videos on my musicians, here's Mo Rocca interviewing me...