Jack of the Red Hearts

A few weeks ago I was called on to shoot production stills for an independent feature film, Jack of the Red Hearts, shooting in New York. Even though I was only there a handful of days, I bonded with some of the crew and also a couple of the actors.

One of those actors was young Taylor Richardson, who plays Glory, the autistic daughter of Famke Janssen and Scott Cohen.  If you're a Broadway fan you may have seen her during her one and a half year run as Annie.  On set, Taylor was the shining light.  Always happy and super polite.  I got to know her when the producers asked me to get some concept shots of her separate of her scenes.  

I had already done some research on autism because I wanted to figure out how an autistic child visually sees the physical world.  I wanted to capture some production stills that represented Glory's point of view.  During my research I found Carly Fleischman's amazing short film:


Unfortunately, I didn't get to realize the photographs I wanted to take from Glory's point of view, but I did get to play with Taylor.  My challenge in shooting her in character but outside of the scripted scenes was to capture Glory where the viewer might get a glimpse inside her head (not literally, of course).  And I also wanted Taylor to be a conceptual collaborator during the shoot.

After doing the general 'on the swing' and 'in the tree' photos, Taylor started rolling around in the grass.  Thanks to her choice, I came up with this idea, and captured the glimpse I was looking for.

Taylor Richardson as Glory

Taylor Richardson as Glory


The production team was also very happy with the image and are currently using it on the home page of the Jack of the Red Hearts website and Twitter.

Keep an eye out for the release of the film by following them on Twitter and check it out.