HB John Bonham

Celebrating John Bonham's birthday. Rock on!!

5/31/48 - 9/25/80

The above photograph can hang on your wall...check out the editions HERE.

I am so grateful I got to see John Bonham play his Moby Dick solo in person. Some day I'll break out my 8mm footage of it. But until then, here it is live at the Royal Albert Hall... 

If you're a Zep fan my photographs of John Bonham and my story about Led Zeppelin are worth the cost of the book, and then you get to check out the other 47 musicians as well.

Back to the Archives

Last night I started the on-going task of re-organizing my archives. As in all the photographs I took a million years ago that were not needed for my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead.

After finding a few slides of Rufus with Chaka Khan (I hope I find more), I decided it would be nice to see the slides in this box...


...and was expecting some lovely shots of the city.

Um, no such luck. Instead, I found the box filled with photographs of me. They were shot at Klaus Voormann's house and I think were taken by his girl, Cynthia. I needed them for the gallery shows for my other book, Starart and also for some bookstore window displays.

Here's one I like that wasn't used. When I get a chance to scan it, you'll probably see it as my profile picture on Facebook.


Time to dig back into the slide boxes!