HB Tammy Wynette

Please join me in celebrating Tammy Wynette's birthday and her incredible voice.


5/5/42 - 4/6/98

Since George Jones was playing with Tammy at the concert I shot and they were already divorced, I thought it appropriate to have this video for her birthday.


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The Depth of Purple

I had a tough time finding anything I felt like posting today. Nothing hit me. I tried file numbers for today's date. Meh. Several folders in my photo archives. I liked a bunch of Mickey Hart shots from a festival in '07 but then I realized tomorrow is his birthday so I will wait until tomorrow. (Yay! I don't have to come up with anything tomorrow).

So I made a decision on one of three photographs of I shot of Deep Purple at the Long Beach Arena. If you've read my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead, you'd know about my fun times at the Riot House where I met the roadies from Deep Purple. On my birthday they took me sailing and several days later they talked me in to going to the show. I mostly hung out by the sound board and seriously only took three shots of Deep Purple and on of ELO...who opened for DP.


So, this is my contribution to #tbt.

Goodbye, Chris Squire

It is a sad day here. Last night Yes-founder and bassist, Chris Squire lost his short battle with the very rare acute erythroid leukemia. 

I had the privilege to shoot Yes in Vancouver when they were at the height of their popularity. It was an amazing show. Eerily, these photographs were taken on the same date he died, June 27.


3/4/48 - 6/27/15

Chris was actively playing with Yes until March 2015 when he was diagnosed. He put Yes together and is the only member to play on every recording the band has made. He will be missed.

I chose Lift Me Up because Chris Squire co-wrote it with Trevor Rabin, and it's a great song.