Cry, Baby

Here's two stories. Giving you (probably unwanted) access into my process (or my brain) of thought editing my photographs. It's mostly waffling thoughts and may be confusing.

Story One - Yesterday I went back to a shooting three years ago. Initially, I was going to choose this photograph - not actually this photograph but one of this kid. Then I saw the subway shot that I had dismissed, or not struck by, when I was initially editing the photographs (there were many other as well) from this day of shooting. Until yesterday.

Story Two - So today, I went back into that folder thinking I was going to post the picture of this boy that I had previously edited/processed. Then I thought I might as well look at the other three shots I took of this kid...and I liked this photograph more than the one of him that I would have posted yesterday, had I not chosen the guy waiting for the subway. What if I didn't pick the other shot? This one which I may like (today) more than the original one of him would not have seen the light of day. 


The Conclusion - Photographs, even though they are a frozen moment in time, still have life and can affect the viewer differently on any given day. We can say it's because of the mood of the viewer but I would like to argue that the same photograph can evoke different details for the eye to see which will then send messages to the brain as to how you feel or react to the photograph.

Feel free to debate.

PS. This would be called Mad Baby if I didn't have another photo that already claimed that title.