Dan Fogelberg

Celebrating Dan Fogelberg's birthday today. Another musician we lost too soon. I had the opportunity to shoot him when he opened for the Eagles. This photograph ranks in the top 10, actually the top 5 photographs I have shot of musicians. It's very difficult to catch a musician looking directly into the camera lens when they are immersed in a song and baring their soul. I waited for this shot and knew I got it. It's a very strange feeling for me at the moment when I catch these kind of shots, as if I have bared my soul as well.


8/13/51 - 12/16/07

Live performances of Dan Fogelberg are sparse online. This one doesn't have great production value but I like the feel and it reminds me of his performance I shot.


Dan passed away within a week or two of the release of Everybody I Shot Is Dead. I knew he wasn't well while I was compiling the book and every day I was sending thoughts his way in hopes that he would beat his cancer. I have just published an print edition of the photograph of Dan if you are interested in having his image on your wall.