Utter Shock

David Bowie is dead? How can that be possible? I'm not surprised he kept his illness a secret. Nor am I surprised that he created Blackstar for his fans and released it the day of his 69th birthday. Nor that he passed away just two days later. I'm just surprised that he wasn't immortal. He should have been.

In case you are the person who hasn't seen the Blackstar video, watch it now...


I was glued to this today. Thinking so many things. Wishing that I'd had the opportunity to photograph him. Soaking up the visuals and storytelling and my sadness. Then those three crosses appeared. I was going to post this photograph yesterday but I didn't have a connection for it. Now I do.

Crosses by  Noah Purifoy

Crosses by Noah Purifoy


Despite not having the opportunity to meet or photograph Bowie, I did have a connection with him. It's a long and crazy story that I planned to write into a script years and years ago. I'm not prepared to go into it now, nor would it be appropriate at this time. I will just say it has to do with this subject...and how I got connected to it.