Remembering Tony Flaim

This man could sing the blues. I wish he could have stuck around.


5/12/48 - 3/10/00

Not sure why I'm posting this video, since the dude who'd been in jail (according to his vocal preamble) put it together and used two of my photographs without permission...oh nevermind, this one came up after the other one and it's a quality recording. I want to give you a taste of Tony's undeniable talent.


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Jane Vasey

Okay, I messed up yesterday when I didn't celebrate Jane Vasey's birthday. I take full responsibility for my mishap and am making up for it by turning her day into the whole weekend because she is one of the best blues pianists to ever grace this planet.


10/16/49 - 6/7/82

Sadly, she died at such a young age from leukemia.

This may be the only footage of her on youtube. Warning...don't try this at home...because you'll probably fail.



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Happy Birthday, Tony!

Today is blues singer Tony Flaim's birthday. It's fitting for him to share the same birthday as Jimmy Witherspoon. I went back into my archives to find this never-before-seen photograph of Tony that didn't make it into Everybody I Shot Is Dead. I think I should call this picture 'Bliss'.


8/8/48 - 8/12/06

This is the only live performance I've found of Tony, singing with the Kendall Wall Band. He was with Downchild Blues Band when I shot him.


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Tony Flaim

A special surprise to celebrate Tony's birthday, which is tomorrow but already today in Toronto, where he is from. This is a never-before-seen photograph of him that was not in my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead. For those of you not in the know, Tony Flaim was the lead singer with Downchild Blues Band for a time.


5/12/48 - 3/10/00

This is a track that Tony sings on. I've only found one video where he is singing live - you can check that on out HERE.


Tony Flaim

Tony Flaim was an amazing blues singer in Canada. I photographed him in Vancouver when he was singing with the Downchild Blues Band out of Toronto. The band had a 1973 hit record with Flip, Flop and Fly written by Big Joe Turner and Charlie Calhoun in the mid-fifties and continue to play across Canada.


5/12/48 - 3/10/00

This is the only video I found with a live performance by Tony Flaim with the Kendall Wall Band.


This is a very short promo for Downchild's documentary. Putting it here because the splash frame is a photograph I loaned to the movie...still waiting for the copy I was promised.