HB Carl Palmer

I love it when I can celebrate a musician's birthday. Especially when they are still on this planet. So this is a very Happy Birthday to Emerson, Lake and Palmer drummer extraordinaire Carl Palmer. I'm a few hours early on it where I am but he's well into it as he's probably on the other side of the pond.

It is the first time this photograph has seen the light of day. Hope you, and Carl, like it.



I chose this video because it's just Carl, banging the drums...for 7 minutes and 30 seconds. Oh, and also because around the 3 minute mark he dons his birthday suit. You're welcome, ladies.


So Long, Keith Emerson

This year is going to be the death of rock 'n' roll. Keith Emerson passed away today in Santa Monica. I had the privilege to shoot ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer) at the Vancouver Coliseum and to this day Brain Salad Surgery is one of my favorite albums.


11/2/44 - 3/11/16

I had an interesting meeting with Keith Emerson a while back and have a story about this photograph but I'll save that for another occasion.

Instead I will tell you he was one helluva performer particularly when he soloed with his Hammond B3. One word...acrobatic. Looking for a video of it now. An hour later and I couldn't find it. Good thing I have a bunch of stills of Keith wrestling with his equipment (I was going to say organ but that sounded even worse).

So, I did find this very cool video of ELP creating Karn Evil 9 which leans heavily on Keith's contributions to the music. Well worth  minutes of your time.


While Keith isn't in this version of my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead, you should grab a copy of it for the 48 other musicians and the 5 people I dedicated it to, before it becomes a collector's item.

If you want Keith you can order a print of his photograph HERE.