I haven't looked at this photograph in a long time. Somehow it is even more intriguing than the last time I saw it.

Photography Tip:
This is a good example of depth of field. The foreground is in focus and the background in blurry. You can create this effect by opening up the aperture. It is also called the f-stop. It is the ring on the lens that has numbers sometimes from 1.4 to 22 or more. The lower the number, the objects  further away from what you focus on will be blurry. The above photograph was shot with a f/9 which is fairly high, however in this case the foreground is very sharp and the objects in the background that are very blurred were very far back.

Tomorrow I will post of photograph with a higher f-stop to show the difference.

Sand Flowers

I always love it when I see a photograph I shot that has extra details I don't remember seeing. This is an example of that - I knew I was shooting nature-made flower images I found in the sand as well as the shell under the left flower and the grittier sand at the bottom. I'm not sure I noticed the intricacy of the two darker feathers. I'm not sure you can see the detail in them on this lo res file but they are pretty striking when on the hi res file.

My point (or tip) is that you should look for surprises while you shoot and be thankful when they show up courtesy of the photography gods.