HB George Harrison!

Celebrating George's birthday today but can't help missing him too.


2/24/43 - 11/29/01

Giving all kinds of love to George on his birthday and thanks for giving us a treasure trove of amazing music. 


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Not only will you see many photographs of George in Everybody I Shot Is Dead, you will also see photographs of his home Friar Park. Grab your copy HERE.

Maureen Starkey...

...may be the coolest person I ever met. Smart on every level. Gone too soon.


8/4/46 - 12/30/94

This is the least lamest video that I could find where Maureen actually speaks. There's really nothing on line of her awesomeness - just montages of stolen photographs (including some of mine) to songs that don't represent her personality at all.  


Maureen is one of several people I dedicated my book to - people who guided me on my journey in the world of rock 'n' roll. You can read my stories about these special people in my book, Everybody I Shot Is Dead. Pick up your copy today while it's still on sale!