Remembering Gene Pitney

Got to shoot him at Sunset Studios. He was such a cool guy. Really nice. So many great songs. Tons of touring and connecting with his fans up to the day he died.


2/17/40 - 4/5/06

And he bought me lunch.

This is so cool...


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Everybody I Shot Is Dead

HB Gene Pitney!

Celebrating Gene Pitney's birthday today. This is the first time I have posted this photograph of him. It's in Everybody I Shot Is Dead, but that's the only place you could see it prior to his birthday. I thought of this shot, which was shot during a recording session at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, because I've always remembered how sweet he was to me.

See the partially eaten lunch box and the big empty space on the sofa? Well, this very sweet and lovely gentleman bought lunch for me and then invited me to sit with him. On top of that, he didn't even mind if I took a photo of him eating.


2/17/40  -  4/5/06

Great writer and a great voice with tons of character...and a great guy...


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