The Girls

These adorable girls were troopers for the whole time I was shooting their dad on Sunday. We walked, rode the subway, walked more, stopped for a time, walked another mile and there was barely a complaint. They walked the whole time, no carries and as a bonus I got to grab a few candids of them.


Madison is in the foreground. She's just four years old. Her older sister, Isabella, is just coming into the tunnel. You might remember this photograph that I took of Isabella last March in a photo session of her own...


I love shooting kids...they are so much fun to play with and give me the opportunity to visit their imagination. If you know anyone that might be looking for some creative portraiture of their kids, send them my way.

Girls and Jay

I was very intrigued by this trio when I arrived with my NY friend and musician, Jay Stolar to help him shoot some footage for his next music video. I grabbed this shot while we walked by, doing my best to remain inconspicuous. There are no do-over in this kind of situation. I wanted to capture a moment of time that would represent my initial intrigue so I didn't want them posing. I wanted to tell a story with one frame. I think I caught it. 

I'm calling it Girls Renting Rollerskates at Venice Beach.


I'm adding this bonus shot of Jay Stolar catching tat shop footage because it's his birthday today.