Halloween Tips

As I write this on All Hallows Eve, it is 9:02pm in New York and 6:02pm In Los Angeles while I am somewhere in between and this is the first blog entry I have ever posted in the air. Hoping I don't lose my connection before I finish it.

Tip 1

In choosing your costume, never decide to be a box of tampons. Never, never, never! I'm not sure what the girlfriend is...other than embarrassed.


Tip 2

If you decide to be a zombie show girl DO NOT get caught stuffing your face with a slice of pizza. Human flesh only.


Tip 3

Yay! Here's a zombie munching on a human arm while chained to his zombie clown lover...A++.


Tip 4

Take a lesson from this Joker. Perfect make-up and even better than perfect attitude.


Okay, I now have to close out so I can white knuckle my way through this nasty turbulence. Hoping our engines aren't sucking in any witches flying this high.

Happy Halloween to all you ghosts and goblins out there!

PS. I shot these photographs one year ago in Austin, TX.