Farewell, Paul Kantner

I've spent the past couple of hours perusing photos I took of Paul Kantner when Jefferson Starship were playing to 17,000 fans and then the photos I took of him at the Harmony Festival in Santa Rosa, CA in June of 2008.

I was thinking of posting some of the old and some of the new.  Then I found this photograph... 


3/17/41 - 1/28/16

It brought tears to my eyes and felt like it was the only one that could represent this moment. From the position of his guitar to the expression on his face, like its time to leave 'this stage'. Then the person on the far right, giving Paul the peace sign. 

Safe travels and have a blast with that big band in the sky. 


Hippy Dippy

Today was long and hard. What better way to end it than with a trip to the trippy dippy hippy times. These are a couple of photos I took in 2007 at a festival where the sixties were alive and well.

If you were hanging out in San Francisco back in those days you must have run into this character. 

Wavy Gravy

Wavy Gravy


And this one I call Sunflower.


Hope this brightens your day!