A Different Beach

 I have no idea why I'm feeling so drawn to my beach photographs lately. Maybe because I'm in California and haven't had time to go to the beach lately even though the temperatures have been beach worthy.

These two are from Huntington Beach with the very charming pier.

I'm definitely in a photographic storytelling mode and there's always a story to be found at the beach, especially when there are dogs.

National Dog Day

As it comes to a close, I am taking the opportunity to honor my pup on my blog. She is very special, unlike any animal I've ever met...and I've met a lot. Strangers fall in love with her. There's just something about her when she looks at you. I appreciate her every minute of every day.

Here's some photographs I picked out to celebrate her today.





















Woman Pumpkin Dog

I spent a bunch of time tonight looking for a photograph to post. I was close to posting some graveyard shots (I love graveyards) I took around this time a couple of years ago in Southampton, but then I wasn't feeling it. I then fell into my 'go-to shots', the ones I go to when I am uninspired for anything else. My go-to shots are Pumpkin.

I almost picked a close-up action shot of Pumpkin but then I saw this one...

...which I hadn't paid much attention to when I initially perused the 166 frames I took frolicking at Huntington Beach last November with my Brit friend, Caroline Ferguson. It was a freakishly (because it happened to be 90°) amazing day. 

I love everything about this photograph - from the composition to the lines, the action, the layers of waves, the three live beings and the color...especially the woman's red bathing suit and matching red dog toy. Plus you might not be able to Pumpkin's red collar but it would show beautifully in a large physical print.

This picture also jazzes me up even more, as I anticipate being at this very beach next Wednesday celebrating Pumpkin's birthday!

East vs. West

In the past six weeks I have been on the East Coast and the West Coast, and took two of my favorite landscape photographs. Neither of these photographs was planned. The West Coast was shot first, on November 8th when I picked the Huntington Beach Dog Park to meet up with a friend who was visiting from Britain. The East Coast was shot on December 27th, toward the end of a shoot I was doing with an actor.

I don't think photography has to be planned to legitimate. For me photography is my awareness of imagery. Paying attention to the visual world around me. Recording how I see the world and anything in it. Being open to what might happen and having the quickness and ability. And not being pigeon-holed into shooting one style. I'm a light and shadow and moment photographer. 

Here is my West Coast photograph:


And my East Coast photograph:


I realize these photographs are apples and oranges but I'm still going to ask the question. With regards to these photographs, are you West Coast or East Coast?

(hoping my comments section is finally working)