Jack of the Red Hearts @ YouTube

First off, I had no idea that there is a place called YouTube Space LA. It's cool. 

They hosted an event this evening there for Jack of the Red Hearts, the movie that I shot some of the stills for (pardon my poor writing skills...it's late). It was also an event for the Bentonville Film Festival which was co-founded by Geena Davis to further her the work she does at her Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media. Jack of the Red Hearts won the Grand Jury Prize at last year's inaugural BFF, which included a theatrical release with AMC Theaters and a television deal with Lifetime!

When I walked into the YouTube Space LA, I was thrilled to see a huge lightbox above the reception counter with the photograph I shot...

The second thrill was watching the movie. I was only onset for the first four or five days of the production so even though I had read the awesome script written by Jennifer Deaton, I had no idea how the film would turn out. Well, it turned out great - it's touching, thoughtful and funny. The acting was great all around and Taylor Richardson was particularly amazing, playing the difficult role of Glory, a young autistic child.

My next thrill after the screening when all these film industry heavy hitters took to the stage and sat under the photograph that I shot for the panel discussion. Yes, I took a photo of that too so I could introduce you to them.

From L to R: Actress Geena Davis (Oscar® Winner for The Accidental Tourist), screenwriter Phyllis Nagy (Oscar® Nominated this year for Carol), director/screenwriter Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen and Twilight), the Executive at Lifetime (sorry I didn't catch her name), screenwriter Jennifer Deaton (JOTRH), producer Lucy Mukerjee-Brown (JOTRH), actress Famke Janssen (JOTRH), director Janet Grillo (JOTRH) and moderator Sharon Waxman (CEO of The Wrap). And my photograph of Taylor Richardson above them.

Then there was my fourth thrill - is it even possible to have four thrills in one evening? - watching the people sitting in the rows in front of me shooting there own photographs of the panel and including the photograph I shot in their frames.

Jack of the Red Hearts is screening at several AMC Theaters across the United States beginning tomorrow, Friday February 26th. Please go out and see it this weekend to support this wonderful independent film so it doesn't close on March 3rd. I'll be going to the 6:15pm show tomorrow night at the AMC Burbank with the screenwriter, Jennifer Deaton and her lovely wife Erika...and I do believe there is going to be a Q&A after the screening. If you're in the LA area please join us!

Jack of the Red Hearts Trailer

Yay! The JOTRH trailer has just made its exclusive debut on Entertainment Weekly! Check it out and see when and where you can see Jack of the Red Hearts in a theater! 

It was a year and a half ago that I shot some of the production stills for the independent feature, Jack of the Red Hearts. While the movie was getting all kinds of awards on the festival circuit, I was honored that the production chose to use a photograph I took of Taylor Richardson on the poster.


I'm very pleased that AMC is using it for the theatrical release. I might be the only person on the project that hasn't seen the film yet. There have been some screenings I was invited to but each time I was on the opposite coast. So you will see me at one of these theaters.

The movie stars AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie Diaries), Famke Janssen (X-Men), Taylor Richardson (Annie (on Broadway)), Israel Broussard (The Bling Ring) and Scott Cohen (Allegiance). If you're close to any of these locations, please support independent filmmaking and see Jack of the Red Hearts in a theater! The release date is February 26, 2016.

Atlanta – Sugarloaf 18
Boston – Boston Common 19
Chicago – River East 21
Chicago – South Barrington 30
Dallas – Stonebriar 24
Dallas – Firewheel 18
Denver – Highlands Ranch 24
Denver – Westminster Promenade
Houston – Studio 30
Kansas City – Town Center 20
Los Angeles – Burbank 8
Los Angeles – Orange 30
Miami – Sunset 24
Minneapolis – Southdale 16
New York – Palisades 21
New York – Empire 25
Orlando – Disney 24
Phoenix – Deer Valley 17
Philadelphia – Neshaminy 24
Pittsburgh – Waterfront 22
San Diego – Fashion Valley 18
San Francisco – Metreon 16
Seattle – Alderwood 16
Tampa – Veterans 24
Washington DC – Hoffman 22


Earlier this week I decided I should go to the American Film Market today in Santa Monica. I have been to the market more times than I can count and have pretty much avoided it for the past several years. Finding parking can be the worst part of it so I decided to fork over eight bucks to park in the Santa Monica Pier lot. If you read my posts you would know I love being at the beach (even though I don't go often) so when I stepped out of the car and inhaled the aroma of salt water and sand I was in heaven.

When I was looking for something to post today, I was not planning to write about going to the AFM but as I was scrolling through my files I saw a series of photographs I took in 2010 at Long Beach. I don't think I've really looked at these before. They were shot in black and white and I took enough of this particular scene to probably make a flip book. I really like the timelessness of it.


The reason this post turned into my mention of AFM was that this photograph encompasses the feeling I had arriving there and throughout the day. Unlike any other year the day was chill, fun and full of surprises... possibly because I had no plan (most people go there with a plan and lists of people they want to get meetings with) and I allowed myself to wander with no agenda and just see what would happen. My first surprise was seeing this banner...


In case you're new here, I took the photograph of Taylor Richardson that became the artwork for the movie. I immediately dashed to Suite 651 to say hello to the company that picked up the film for foreign sales.They were awesome. A sidebar on the photo I took of my photo -- I'm so happy I caught that elevator full of people in the background. It almost looks like a silver-framed movie poster with the lettering at the top hanging on that wall.

I stopped in several other suites, some where I knew the people and reconnected and some where I met new people. I talked to a few interesting random people in the lobby and, best of all, I ran into one of the actors from my short film. This may have been the first AFM I have attended where I didn't think "Ugh".

And now, I sleep.

Film Release!

Jack of the Red Hearts, a film I worked on last summer, is getting a theatrical release in AMC theaters on December 4!

I'm honored that the filmmakers chose one of my stills for the poster and I can't wait to see this movie in the theater, after having missed all the pre screening opportunities and the multiple film festivals screenings. 


And it looks like they will be keeping this poster for the theatrical release as it's showing up on the AMC website

Jack of the Red Hearts

A few weeks ago I was called on to shoot production stills for an independent feature film, Jack of the Red Hearts, shooting in New York. Even though I was only there a handful of days, I bonded with some of the crew and also a couple of the actors.

One of those actors was young Taylor Richardson, who plays Glory, the autistic daughter of Famke Janssen and Scott Cohen.  If you're a Broadway fan you may have seen her during her one and a half year run as Annie.  On set, Taylor was the shining light.  Always happy and super polite.  I got to know her when the producers asked me to get some concept shots of her separate of her scenes.  

I had already done some research on autism because I wanted to figure out how an autistic child visually sees the physical world.  I wanted to capture some production stills that represented Glory's point of view.  During my research I found Carly Fleischman's amazing short film:


Unfortunately, I didn't get to realize the photographs I wanted to take from Glory's point of view, but I did get to play with Taylor.  My challenge in shooting her in character but outside of the scripted scenes was to capture Glory where the viewer might get a glimpse inside her head (not literally, of course).  And I also wanted Taylor to be a conceptual collaborator during the shoot.

After doing the general 'on the swing' and 'in the tree' photos, Taylor started rolling around in the grass.  Thanks to her choice, I came up with this idea, and captured the glimpse I was looking for.

Taylor Richardson as Glory

Taylor Richardson as Glory


The production team was also very happy with the image and are currently using it on the home page of the Jack of the Red Hearts website and Twitter.

Keep an eye out for the release of the film by following them on Twitter and check it out.